Disk Crush

May 27, 10pm

老婆说最近玩大富翁的时候会死机, 并对计算机的该种不良表现表示了不满.

May 27, 11pm

真的又死掉了. 技术上讲, 计算机hang住了; 鼠标能够正常移动, 但点击没有反应; 约1分钟后鼠标移动停止.

May 27, 11.15pm

因为是最重要的客户, 进入SPIN流程:

  • S: P4 2.0A, 1G DDR, 80G IDE (one partition, boot, system, application, data), 16G SCSI (one partition, paging). Windows server 2003 Enterprise CHS(SP1 NOT installed). WMP9, DFW7CHS, QQ珊瑚虫2005版.

  • P: System will hang when runing DFW & WMP at same time.

  • I: Cannot play game. She will be unhappy and the quality of my life will be affected.

She also remembered the problem first occured some days before when she used QQ on the computer. The problem often occurs when running DFW & WMP at same time; and the problem occurs more and more frequently.

  • N: Let her play the game on a stable computer.

从SPIN上看似乎把我的BB (IBM X31, 1.6G, 1024M) 贡献出来玩游戏是很好的解决方案. 不过我不想…

May 27, 11:30pm

权衡之后, 决定对目标计算机的故障进行排错.

  • 11:35pm 找到串口线
  • 11:38pm X31没有串口, 找出USB转串口线
  • 11:40pm 寻找/下载/安装USB转串口驱动
  • 11:50pm 配置boot.ini, 准备进行kernel debug
  • 11:55pm 启动时习惯性地对问题机器进行了chkdsk, 在完成的最后有消息指出MFT如何如何. 心不在焉, 54之, 留下祸根.
May 28, 0:10am

Launch WMP, play songs, try to launch DFW. DFW’s license protection program said it cannot be launched under debugger’s monitor. /faint
BTW, if we can launch debugger for a system stalled issue, the !process 0 7 extension is the best way to find the problem on a hung system.

Researching, want to know how to avoid a program be aware it is under debugging. 未果

May 28, 0:20am

hang when use IE!!! Fource reboot

May 28, 0:35am

stop 0xed "UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME" during reboot. Status 0xc00000032 means file system crushed due to unexcepted power off
Tried reboot again, same error

May 28, 0:40am

Boot to RC, Stop with same bug check during loading RC

May 28, 0:50am

Boot to RC from Win2k3 CD, it jumped to C:\ WITHOUT asking password of administrator

chkdsk /p
May 28, 1am

拆卸, plug the 80G disk to X31 by USB2IDE adapter

May 28, 1:05am

Launch EasyRecovery
Advanced Recovery -> “MFT missing” /faint
RAW Recovery -> Searching…

May 28, 2:25am

60G data find, selected 7.5G to recover

May 28, 4:15am

Recovery under progress, 1.36G recoveried already, 3 hours remain.

在troubleshooting初期, 曾被询问”如果普通用户问DFW运行的时候会死机, 将如何处理?” 答曰”不要运行DFW.” 结果被威胁如果她是普通用户将对我方进行恐怖主义打击.